Get to know karlsson's design duo Boxtel & Buijs
How did you meet?
We’ve met in the first year of the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1994. We had great fun together during our study and graduated in 1999 at the department of Living. Since 2003 we work together as Boxtel & Buijs.
Where did the idea of the LED book clock come from?
Buijs says: On my bedside table you will find a book and an alarm clock. Sometimes next to each other, sometimes on top of each other. A book + alarm clock? That’s it, simple as Boxtel & Buijs!
Where do you get your inspiration from?
We get inspiration out of everything. We always have our finetuned radar or antenna on. We search, seek and find materials, different forms, specific problems in the things we do or work with or just melting products together, like a table + a lamp etc. Besides that we look at trends, nature, magazines and so on. It’s a way of life we are constantly in without actually realizing. It’s the desi gner’s mind!
What do you think about the brand Karlsson?
Karlsson is a beautiful brand for a good prise. Nice designs, always surprising and innovative, with a lot of beautiful details. The simplicity of beauty is attracting to us. This is the reason why we always can come up with new innovative products for the Karlsson product portfolio. Besides that, we already work together for 20 years with the Karlsson development team; designers, product developers and the sales department. It’s super and works as a well-oiled machine. We are proud that together we designed and produced hundreds of products for the Karlsson product portfolio and we will continue doing that in the future. In short; We love this beautiful Karlsson brand.
First Karlsson clock design?
The Swinging 6 and the Peekaboo clock series for kids. This idea started by rethinking the pendulum. The moving pendulum behind the dial is the fun part of the clock. It has something surprising. Let’s think about it and check it out! And there it was… The Swinging 6 clock and the Peekaboo kids series with different animals and moving, that’s cool!
How do you describe the Boxtel & Buijs style yourself?
Our style is surprising and simple, refined and comtemporary. This is probably the reason why it’s design fits many rooms and a wide audience.