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Chair Royal

Do you fancy a touch of luxury & glamor in your interior? Then the choice for the material velvet is made quickly. Leitmotiv armchair Royal, with a cover of velvet and legs with details in gold, is your favorite! Velvet just breathes luxury, it has an elegant shine and feels wonderfully soft. Be careful because glamorous velvet armchair Royal by Leitmotiv is guaranteed to steal the show. Give yourself the comfort, luxury and shine of this ultimate relaxed velvet Leitmotiv chair. Also available as a 2-seat sofa and chaise longue! Dimensions: 70 x 71 x 80 cm.
Material General Velvet
Width in cm 70
Height in cm 80
Colour General
LM1851PI - Faded pinkPink
LM1851SB - Sand brownBrown
LM1851TP - TaupeTaupe
LM1851BK - BlackBlack
LM1851BL - Dark blueBlue
LM1851BR - Ochre yellowYellow
LM1851DB - Dark brownBrown
LM1851GR - Dark greenGreen
EAN barcode
LM1851PI - Faded pink8714302660603
LM1851SB - Sand brown8714302692710
LM1851TP - Taupe8714302692857
LM1851BK - Black8714302660573
LM1851BL - Dark blue8714302692840
LM1851BR - Ochre yellow8714302660580
LM1851DB - Dark brown8714302692680
LM1851GR - Dark green8714302660597
Brand Leitmotiv