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Please visit our showroom by clicking on the arrows in the screen below. 
These arrows will guide you through our showroom, it contains five rooms, three upstairs and two downstairs.
We present to you our full collection divided by our theme 'Elegant Earth' (natural colors and materials) and our new theme ‘Arctic Air’ (modern colors and modern designs).
The rooms show 'style rooms’ and product series. 

The dots are clickable and will redirect you to the product or series. 
If you are logged in you can place an order directly.
If the dots are not visible please move the arrow towards the products, the dot will appear when you are closer.
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Introducing a new theme this Summer collection: Arctic Air! This theme is based on the colours of nature. 

Colours from the early dawn, like warm grey to the colours dark purple and night blue. These colours fit perfectly to materials like bamboo, black metal stone and nickel metal.

This theme has a cool, stylish look which matches in a natural or industrial interior.


We introduce new plant pots, vases, candle holders and many more items in our well-known theme Elegant Earth.

You will recognize the items due to the use of luxurious materials such as glass and porcelain and velvet combined with the all-time favourite sun-kissed colours such as ochre yellow, grayed jade and dusty pink.

This theme is still going strong. This theme has a warm luxurious look that completes your cozy, hearty interior.


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