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It’s time to make your balcony or garden summer proof!

Longer days, warmer temperatures, spring is coming! It’s time to make your balcony or garden summer proof! Do you also enjoy the hot weather and do you like to sit outside? Extend your interior to the outside and create your own happy place underneath the sunshine!

How do you create the perfect outdoor living that matches the style of your interior? Which essentials do you need?

Start with the basics!
Nothing beats an early morning coffee on your balcony or in your garden before going to work. Our tip is to invest in a few good basics to sit on.

Outdoor bench Lineate
H. 84 cm, W. 100 cm, D. 43 cm

Outdoor chair Lineate
H. 84 cm, W. 43 cm, D. 43 cm

Table with seats Bamboo
H. 70 cm, W. 100 cm, D. 50 cm

Make it cosy!
Do you love to lounge? There is no rule when it comes to pillows! You can decorate your bench or table seats with it, but what about some nice pillows to put on the floor? You and your kids will love it!

Floor cushion square
80 x 80 x 20 cm
Floor cushion square small
60 x 60 x 20 cm

Plants, plants, plants
What’s an outside without some greens? You can never have too many plants so even outside you can totally make your own jungle! How about our nice cement plant pots?

Plant Pot Radius
D. 30cm, H. 27cm, Legs H. 36cm

Plant Pot Radius
D. 30cm, H. 27cm, Legs H. 36cm

Plant Pot Radius
D. 30cm, H. 27cm, Legs H. 36cm

Make it Romantic
There’s nothing more magical than candles. Our lanterns and candles are perfect to decorate your garden or balcony. Light them when the sun goes down and feel the magic!

Lantern Atmosphere
H. 31cm, D. 22cm

Scented Candle Citrus Basil
D. 10,5cm, H. 6cm, 27 burning hours

For the warm, but chill night
It isn’t summer, (not) yet, so it could be a little bit too cold to sit outside. Make sure you always have a nice pile of blankets nearby so you and your company can sit outside without having any chills!

Blanket Snuggle
130 x 170 cm

Blanket Snuggle
130 x 170 cm

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