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Natural vibes for your home.

Do you love a natural colour palette as well as the look & feel of natural materials? In our collection, we have a lot of home accessories with a natural, earthy touch. Today we will show you our favorites and tell you how to combine them!

Before we start, let’s quickly summarize; what are the key words that come to mind when we think of a natural decor?
• Relaxed
• Warm
• Comfortable
• Colorful
• Mix from materials and colours

How to style?
1. You can go all in and mix & match a lot of different natural materials with all kinds of colours and textures. No holding back!
2. You can be more subtle by just adding just a few natural materials or earthy colours to your room. It’s more like adding a touch of natural vibes to your home instead of the full package!

With the right attention to details and colours you can create the perfect setting.

Everyone needs a coffee table in their home. What about our Mister X Coffee Table? It has the perfect material and colour mix for the natural look. Combine them with an earth toned rug and some other wooden furniture to make it picture perfect. The Mister X is also available as side table.

Styling tip:
Dare to style this item with some golden accessories, a nice wallpaper or some wooden benches.

Coffee Table Mister X Black
H. 40cm, W. 60cm

Coffee Table Mister X Green
H. 40cm, W. 60cm

Coffee Table Mister X White
H. 40cm, W. 60cm

The PT Mirror Idyllic range is beautiful because of its simplicity. Hang them in your hallway above the Leitmotiv Bamboo bench or a nice console table. Combined with a stylish patterned wallpaper or vases filled with fresh flowers, you make your entry the best part of the house!

Mirror Idyllic Natural
H. 40,5cm, W. 33cm

Mirror Idyllic White Large
H. 74cm, W. 43cm

Mirror Idyllic Black
H. 40,5cm, W. 33cm

Combine with our pretty Bamboo bench

Bench Bamboo
H. 46cm, W. 90cm, D. 35cm

Coat Racks
Didn’t we forget one item for your hallway? Because where do you hang your coats?Well, we also have the answer to that; our Leitmotiv collection has two of the most gorgeous Bamboo coat racks and they fit perfectly in your hallway with natural appearance. Combine them with our other items (mirrors & bamboo bench) and your hallway is even more perfect!

Coat Rack Native
H. 175cm, W. 70cm

Coat Rack Native
H. 170cm, W. 49cm

Pretty Lights
What’s a house without lighting? Our Leitmotiv Table Lamp Hefty is so much more than just a lamp. It’s the eye catcher on your side table, bed stand or cabinet. The Hefty might be a small table lamp but his design is strong and outstanding.

Table lamp Hefty square Black
H. 17,5cm, W. 13,5cm

Table lamp Hefty square
H. 17,5cm, W. 13,5cm

Table lamp Hefty round
H. 17,5cm, W. 13,5cm

Styling tip:
Combine them with earth tones, green colours or lots of plants for the natural look!

Bring it outside!
And what about outside? Late night dinners, lovely chats, children who can sit and play in the garden? Our Leitmotiv Bamboo picnic set is perfect to put in your garden and gives your outdoors the ultimate “natural feeling”.

Styling tip:
Perfect for backyards, front yards and balconies. Combine it with a nice table cloth and some romantic outdoor lights or lanterns.

Table with Seats Bamboo
Table: H. 70cm, W. 100cm, D. 50cm
2 seats: H. 45cm, L. 100cm, D. 38cm

Available in our Loods 5 stand

Table with Seats Bamboo
Table: H. 70cm, W. 100cm, D. 50cm
2 seats: H. 45cm, L. 100cm, D. 38cm

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