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Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who has the prettiest of them all? 

A mirror is so much more than a utensil. 

If you are applying your make-up or checking your clothes a mirror is indispensable, but besides that, a mirror can have a lot off functions to style off your interior!

What are the advantages of a mirror in your home?

It’s makes your room look bigger
If you have a small living room hang a mirror on your wall. The mirror reflects a big part of your room and makes it look a lot bigger. 

It reflects the light
Choose to hang your mirror at a place where it reflects the lighting from the outside. Use for example the wall situated against your window. The mirror will catch the sunlight and makes your room looks much lighter than it really is. 

Jewellery on the wall
Mirrors comes in all kind of colours and shapes. Choose a mirror that extends your style and make it a nice accessory.

Extra window
A mirror can be used to distract the attention from something you don’t like. When you have a small room, a mirror can be used to create the effect off an extra window, especially when your mirror has the shape of a window. Hang it at a place that catches a lot of light.
Empty spaces on the wall
Sometimes there are empty spaces on your wall which you don’t know how to fill up. Think of placing a cabinet or a side table, but what about placing a mirror above these items? Find yourself the right size and colour and your wall and room will be upgraded in a few seconds!

Our collection is filled with a lot of mirrors, which you can use very playful. Do you have a crush on gold? 
Or do you prefer silver or black that matches with everything? We have it all! 
Take a look at our online catalogue to see all the options!

Mirror Balanced black
D. 47cm, W. black leather strap and metal hook 

Mirror Linea
D. 50cm, H. 5,8cm

Coming soon
Mirror Basic with MDF tray
D. 29,5cm, Tray depth 6cm

€ 23,95
Coming Soon
Mirror Idyllic large bamboo
74 x 43 x 1,5cm, Incl. strap & hook

€ 59,95

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