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Interview with designer Armando Breeveld

Tell us, who are you?
My name is Armando Breeveld. I am 24 years old and born and raised in a small village called “Huizen” in The Netherlands. I come from a small family and always lived with my mother and brother. I studied graphic design at the “Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht” in Utrecht and in my 3rd year I took my internship at Present Time and that’s how I eventually came to work here. 

When did you know that you got a passion for designing?
Since I was young I always liked to draw with my brother and I already liked to create and build things. So in high school it felt natural to go into the creative direction.

Can you describe a creative process? 
The creative process starts with an idea and a few sketches. When I am satisfied with the idea I give it a more realistic look and design it further in Photoshop. Usually the ideas come from the mood boards we make per season. But I also like to get my inspiration from Pinterest or an idea pops into my head. 
Do you take a look at the trends? Or do you believe in your own creativity?
We usually follow trends because being a trendsetter can be a little risky.
But if I have a good feeling about a new trend/product idea I will definitely follow that and persuade my colleagues.

While designing, what are your biggest challenges?
My biggest challenge is to make a design that technically already works before the sample arrives. Because a design may work on paper but end up looking different and work different in reality.

Which product did you design for Present Time?

Memo rack Deer
For a different kind of memo rack I designed these geometric shaped animal heads. Very animal friendly and a statement piece.

Wall clock Hue (Coming Soon)
The wall clock Hue is a very simple and clean design in trendy colours. With open hands specially designed for this clock.

Alarm clock Tinge (Coming Soon)
The alarm clock Tinge matches perfectly with the wall clock Hue because of the same trendy colours and specially designed open hands.

Wall clock Lofty
The wall clock Lofty is the big brother of the gold elegance in trendy colours and with white numbers and hands.

What would you like to tell to future designers? 
Don’t be limited by rules, everything is possible. And always write down your ideas because ideas come and go and maybe one of these ideas is the million dollar one.

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