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Accessories are the best way to make your house a home. We use them to decorate our cabinets, make some nice cozy style groups and to bring some personality into our interior. That’s how you make a house your home!

But did you know that our collections involve some nice small furniture as well? Today we will show you some of our favorite pieces!

1. Looking for an upgrade for your kitchen?
What about adding a few really beautiful and stylish dining chairs or bar stools in your kitchen to make your look complete?

2. Love the vintage vibe?
To create a vintage vibe, you don’t have to go overboard and change your entire interior. It’s all about adding some statement pieces. Our Dining Chair vintage is a good statement piece to add to your kitchen and instantly create that kind of vintage vibe that you are looking for! The design is perfect; simple but outstanding. We label them as Dining Chair but they are also great to use as an office chair!

Dining chair Vintage
82 x 42,5 x 49cm

Looking for some modern pieces? Or do you want to create the industrial look? The Barstool Diamond Mesh and the Dining Chair Diamond Mesh can be the eye catcher in your kitchen! Imagine; an all-black kitchen combined with one of our colourful Diamond Mesh chairs or barstools. Pretty perfect, right? Of course they fit perfectly in any kitchen :-)

Bar stool Diamond Mesh
120 x 51 x 47cm, Seat height 75cm

3. A stool that everyone needs
The next item we would like to introduce to you is our Stool Relish. They are made from polypropylene and very lightweight. And can we tell you a little secret? These stools are easy to stack so you can store them wherever you want. Perfect for children to sit on or to place when you are having a party. The material is easy to clean and it is available in 5 lovely colors at our stands in Loods 5.

Stool Relish
34 x 43 x 45cm

Who doesn’t need a Relish stool or two ( or three)? This item could be your life saver!

4. Creating some extra kitchen space
Do you know what we love? Items that are versatile. Our Side Table Tray is a good example. You can use it as a plant stand, magazine rack or side table in your living room, but have you ever thought about using it as an extra kitchen buddy to store your glasses, spices or other kitchen stuff on it? They are even more perfect in combination with our Dining Chair Vintage or Diamond Mesh range.

Just take a minute to think about your future kitchen. It’s only a few clicks away, because all of these items are now available. Just a little hint ;-)

Side table Trays
70 x 39 x 39cm

5. The perfect coat rack
So many coats, so little storage space. Can you agree with us that you always have too many coats? And that your coatrack always looks like a mess? Most of the time, the first thing you see when entering the house is a wall filled with coats, backpacks, scarfs and all other stuff that is “dumped” on a coatrack. Not very stylish, isn’t it?

Our Coat Rack Discs is available in 3 different colour combinations and is not only great to look at, it does have a lot of space for all your coats, scarfs and other stuff. But hey, don’t overload it! This Coat Rack deserves some show time!

Coat rack Discs
H. 175cm, D. 28cm

Of course we have a lot more inspiring & beautiful items for every interior! Take a look at our website to discover the rest of our collection!

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