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Father’s Day is coming up!

The perfect moment to pamper your dad and tell him how much you care! But oh my, what is it with men’s gifts? Are you having a hard time finding the right gift?

Here are some gifts that will definitely be appreciated!
We have made a nice selection of our tough looking clocks and statues.

What kind of type is your father?
Our Karlsson clocks are not only stylish, they are the perfect gift! Especially for a day like Father’s Day!
Is your dad having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Or does he just appreciate a good-looking clock? Stop looking! Or does he already have a Karlsson clock? Maybe a PT statue is the gift to give!

1. For the bedroom
For the father who wants to come in peace with his inner self. Give him an alarm clock, so he doesn’t need to bring his phone to bed. He will be well rested, always on time and it’s also the perfect match in a good-looking bedroom. Stylish, black, wooden, modern and useful. What more do you want?

Table clock Block
H. 7,2cm, W. 16cm, D. 7,1cm

Table clock Cube
H. 8cm, W. 8cm, D. 8cm

2. The perfect accessory
Tic-Tac, time is ticking and time flies when you’re having fun! For the fathers who need help with their time management, we have some amazing office clocks. Look how pretty this is!

Flip Clock Bold
H. 14,5cm, W. 26,5cm, D. 7,5cm

with or without front

3. Let’s get digital
Is your dad a gadget geek? This hexagonal design alarm clock shows what day, date and temperature it is. It also responds to touch or sound, isn’t that easy? This clock can be placed on a table or hanging on the wall. It can always find its place.

Alarm clock Six in the Mix
H. 12cm, W. 17,5cm, D. 4,5cm

Alarm clock Six in the Mix
H. 12cm, W. 17,5cm, D. 4,5cm

Alarm clock Six in the Mix
H. 12cm, W. 17,5cm, D. 4,5cm

4. Or what about the Karlsson Cathode Clock? For the dad who loves something different!

5. Looking for something else?
This season we introduced our statues and they are selling really fast! Every dad can use a tough-looking accessory, we are convinced that a PT statue would be a great present!

Statue Origami Panther
H. 15cm, W. 48cm

Statue Origami Rhino
H. 14,5cm, W. 29,5cm

Statue Origami Lion
H. 20,5cm, W. 35,5cm

6. Last but not least: our best selling flip clock!
It has that old-school vintage kind of vibe that we love! You can easily fix the Flip clock to the wall or just put it on the table!

Pick your favourite to surprise your dad!

Flip clock No Case
H. 14cm, W. 36cm, D. 8,5cm

Flip clock No Case
H. 14cm, W. 36cm, D. 8,5cm

Flip clock No Case
H. 14cm, W. 36cm, D. 8,5cm

Don’t forget to wrap your presents in a nice paper, combine it with a sweet card and treat your dad on a good cup of coffee!

Happy Father’s Day!

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