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John, Sales Manager
Quote: "Getting the job done." John has been working at Present Time for 15 years, a small company with a Danish CEO, it feels a bit like family. It's a company with a great deal of dynamism. In this industry, many people have known each other for years. He is responsible for sales in the Benelux and digitally. His motto: shift focus but keep the end goal in sight.
Tamara, buyer
Quote: "Both creative and commercially thinking are a must." Quality is key. The products must meet our standards. The train keeps moving, new collections, new suppliers, quality control, container troubles, the increase of costs for raw materials and more. A lot has changed in the past year. Never a dull moment.
Rutger, E-commerce Manager
Quote: "Always do a little more, than is expected of you." Rutger has been with the company for about two years. His goal is to grow e-commerce and optimize processes. From Amazon to Inno Galeria, from sales to brand. "The professionalization this company is going through is tremendously cool."
Iris, Creative Marketeer
Quote: "Don't worry be happy". Iris is a creative centipede and currently busy with the social media channels, marketing expressions and the design of new products. "Because it is a small organization the lines are very short. I also like the dynamics and the variation in tasks. One day I'm designing a new collection or conceptualizing a video shoot for social media."
Emma, Intern Marketing
Quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Emma has only just started working at Present Time. She studies Graphic Design. “Yesterday, I was designing a product myself, so cool!" She also creates content for social media. “The company culture is very good. And unspite an uncertain COVID year with many Teams-meetings the ambiance is really good!