Implementing some luxury in your home is getting important. Maybe even more important now than in the past. The items from our Urban Elegance theme are selected by their appeal. They have that deluxe touch. Whether it is because of their colour or the materials used, each item is a gem in your home which will really make a statement.

For this theme we still worked a lot with gold accents as they combine perfectly with the dark colours and give the items some extra richness. Also, velvet is still very popular.

The combination of gold, luxurious materials together with the darker colours like blue, green and clay brown make our Urban Elegance theme.


This theme has been around for some time now. Characteristic for this theme are the use of natural materials and the more basic, natural based colours like different tones of brown and sunburned colours as mustard yellow and grayed jade. The items in this theme bring a certain serenity in your home.

The colours used are light tones which are calming to the eyes and make you relax easier. More awareness is made by the use of natural materials like cork, bamboo and concrete.

Looking for some inner calm and peace of mind? Have a look at our items from this Native Nomads theme to implement into your interior.


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