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Candle holder Bubble

Back to the core! The Bubble candle holder by pt, has a trendy design in an earthly jacket. The material of the candlestick is polyresin, a composite raw material of crushed stone. The striking shapes of the candlestick in combination with the design make the Bubble a true eye-catcher in your interior. Shop the Bubble in five different shades, including terracotta orange and warm grey.
Material General Polyresin
Width in cm 13
Height in cm 22
Depth in cm 9,5
Colour General
PT3748BK - BlackBlack
ColorSizeEAN barcode
PT3748BK - Black.8714302706653
PT3748WG - Warm grey.8714302706745
PT3748OR - Terracotta orange.8714302706684
PT3748WH - Ivory.8714302706776
PT3748SB - Sand brown.8714302706714