BOX32 design team

Each member with different background & skills, but with one very important thing in common:

The love to develop unique products and designs to add fun and a personal touch to life.

From this team many great products were born like the ‘big diamond’ lamp or the ‘golden record’ clock.

Boxtel & Buijs

Ruben van Boxtel and Reinier Buijs are two Dutch designers who graduated from the Design Academy, Eindhoven in 1999.

In 2003 they joined forces and founded Boxtel & Buijs, specializing in interior product design.

Boxtel & Buijs celebrated worldwide success with the "Peekaboo" wall clock series for children.

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Daniel White

Daniel White graduated from the Design Academy with honours in 1998.

In 2003 he set up the design studio WHITE. This gave him the opportunity to work in a wide variety of design fields such as graphics, multimedia, interior, product-concept and of course; gift items.

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Jette Scheib

Jette graduated from the University of Arts (UdK), Berlin in 2004, specializing in industrial design. Since 2005 she has worked as a self-employed designer, specializing in interior and product design. Her work is based on a mixture of artistic view, creative humor and attention to detail and functionality.

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José Rossetto

Actually studying Industrial Design in Universidad Nacional de Cordoba. Planing to graduate at the end of 2010.

Taking part of different contests since 2008, in graphics and products design.

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J.P. Meulendijks

Meulendijks graduated in product design from FONTYS Academy, Sittard Holland in 1998.

Since then he has worked as an independent product designer designing furniture, lighting, and other interior products for various international clients.

He disigned the best-selling iconic wall clock "mixed numbers" for Karlsson Clocks.

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Kirk Tijl

Kirk studied at the Technical University, Delft and Eindhoven for 3 years (architecture and environmental technology) and graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts CABK.

He specializes in new and inventive design for architecture and products.

He designed the ‘Lunchbox Sandwich’; its perfect form is both attractive and amazingly functional.

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Mary Beth Cryan

Mary Beth Cryan is an award winning, American illustrator with specialties in product design and paper engineering. She earned a BFA from Syracuse University and currently resides in Rhode Island. Mary Beth designs novelty greeting cards annually for the MoMA's (Museum of Modern Art in New York City) prestigious holiday card line.

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Matthias Zschaler

Matthias Zschaler graduated in industrial design from Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) in 1999.

He works as a freelance product designer for numerous international clients, gives lectures and writes on design related topics.

His work strictly follows the rules of "keep it simple".

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Murat Karadag

Murat Karadag graduated from Izmir Institute of Technology , Turkey in 2006, specialized in Robotic. He had been working as a manager in a construction company till 2009 since then he has been working as a self-employed designer in London. He has successfully worked in different disciplines such as product design, web design, mechanical engineering, construction management.

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Sara Ivanyi

Sara Ivanyi is an Amsterdam based designer, who graduated from the Utrecht Art Academy in 2009. She founded her multidisciplinary design studio Form Follows Freedom that same year. Her work spans all dimensions and is not limited to any one medium.

Her "Drawing Light" lamps gained international recognition.

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Teun Fleskens

Teun Fleskens is a Dutch conceptual product and interior designer. (design academy eindhoven) His brain is teeming with ideas, all surroundings provide him with inspiration. He made his debut with the faraday stool.

“Meaning, functionality and playfulness are important criteria’s at all times!”

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Walter Jonker

Walter Jonker is a Dutch designer who graduated from the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam in 1994.

Since then he has created a wide range of interior product designs specialising in clocks and lamps, original and practical objects with an unexpected twist.

He celebrated success with his “Clock & Roll” roll-up cuckoo clock design.

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Jasper van Deursen studied electronics and was a CAD-designer.
After this period he decided to do something with more fun.

Now he runs his shop and knows exactly what people want.
Three keywords: Affordable, Functional and Everyone.
In that perspective he designs new products.

Jasper’s most succesfull product is The Multimirror
which he designed for Present Time.

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Yvon Visser

Yvon Visser graduated in Architectonic Design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1994.

Since then she works as an independent designer of chairs, lamps, jewellery and scenery.

The Starled, Treeled and Loveled using LED lights were worldwide successes.

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Yvonne Doornbos

After obtaining several florist degrees, Yvonne Doornbos (1979) begin in 1999 a study as a multiple designer at CIBAP in Zwolle. During her education she starts with the development of her revolutionary lighting design the Starlight Special. She graduates successfully and in 2006 she founds her own company Doornbos Design.

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